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Dale Dobson's blog Gaming After 40 is absolutely outstanding, and well worth a look.
His reviews are really in-depth, have a great sense of humour, and encompass a variety of styles.

The only unfortunate thing is that I rarely get to read far into his reviews, as I am a stickler for never reading spoilers, as you never know I might play the game one day and have it spoiled. This stickler-ishness is not confined to reading reviews: I try to resist all efforts to look at walkthroughs, as the real attraction of adventure games for me is the glowing sense of pride that you feel in that ethereal 'a-ha' moment when you've been aching your brain for hours, weeks, or even years and you finally crack the puzzle.

To me it's like a mental battle between you and the programmer, and reading or watching the walkthrough is akin to giving up the battle -
of course there are a few game where looking at a walkthrough is necessary due to horrible bugs or just the sheer abstruseness of the

Happy Adventuring,

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