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  • Controls (Video Game Film Noir)
    by inventory on December 22, 2010 at 9:30 PM
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    Game journalist Zara Southard is about to find an adventure where she least suspects it. A mysterious woman, Naomi Arroyo shows up at her door one day with an unusual request: to help determine the reason for the increasingly aberrant behavior of her husband Richard, an acclaimed game developer. Naomi hopes that Zara's insight into his world might reveal clues she overlooked. But as Zara begins to sleuth, Richard disappears. And Zara soon realizes that everyone involved, from Richard's son Douglas, to his smooth-talking business partner Nick Meyer, exotic co-worker Jenna Tang, and even Naomi herself, has reasons to see that Richard stays missing. Cast into a web of deceit where everybody's motives are suspect, Zara soon realizes her own life, as well as Richard's, is suddenly in tremendous danger. Welcome to the world of "Controls," a feature-length neo-noir film coming soon from Cinevore Studios. 

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