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Collective Online Text Adventure Experiment


With the help of Re-Dock, Network Narrative is aiming to re-capture the art of storytelling in text adventures and introduce them to libraries across England. This debut commission, an online text adventure game, has seen young creatives across Hull, Burnley and Wigan work alongside artists to create three narratives, within three genres (one per location). Each tale based on each of the locations; creating an alternative online world parallel to the real world.

There are only four rules:
1. The year is 2065.
2. Robots are stronger and smarter than humans.
3. Bioengineering of plants and animals is common.
4. No aliens – only humans and cyborgs.

 As of August / September 2015 they are still looking for participants, including help in mapping their world with helium balloons,
sounds like an exciting and ambitious project.

A Mystery of Education

I recently used Jan Albartus's MOTAS (Mystery of Time and Space) in a PYP 5 primary school class, and the result, as you might have expected was formidable interest. Why in this day and age, does education have to be so dull, lifeless, uninspiring and clichéd?

Kids and adults alike love to learn, and creating games is one of the best ways to do it. One of the best-loved memories too was when I created a game where they could get an extra day's access to their iPods if they were able to solve a bunch of mathematical and English language riddles in order to work out a teacher's password and then unlock a cabinet, in true escape-the-room fashion. (I think they also enjoyed the Harry Potter wand fights for learning their times-tables, but that's another story... )

Kyle Mawer has also written an interesting blog called Digital Play on using games to facilitate language learning.




Game-Based Learning - Professor Sara de Freitas, Coventry University

Sara de Freitas outlines the possibilities of immersive environments which connect with the educational curriculum.

Old Generation v Young Generation?


Interactive Fiction in the Movies



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