The Inventory Adventure Games

An elegant synthesis of adventure game websites.

How To Play an Adventure Game

Mike Gerrard published an official beginner's guide to text adventures in Your Sinclair magazine, with a little assistance

from John Wilson of Zenobi Software.

Ryan's 12 Types of Puzzle Blog

Ryan condenses the adventure game into 12 types of puzzle, from the diversion puzzle to the nonsensical item puzzle.


Love is a Many Splendoured Game

Anthony Burch writes on the portrayal of love within video games.


How to Play an Adventure Game

Stephen Granade's version of how to play a text adventure game.


Mike Gerrard - Adventures on the Spectrum

Mike Gerrard produced the adventure column in Your Sinclair and even wrote a couple of games himself.
He wrote a couple of books including Adventures on the Spectrum, which the above links to (as I don't have the front cover).
He also wrote The Adventurer's Notebook and another title which should be winging its way to me shortly.

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