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Adventure Lantern Magazine

Adventure Lantern is an active adventure game magazine which began in January 2006, with its last released edition (at writing) in December 2014, an opportunity to get informed reviews and interviews in a very readable and downloadable format, and what's more, it's free!


Point-and-click sponsored by Warner Bros.


Official site seems to be down but you can play it here.





Adam Parrish uses his "Frotzophone" to hijack a Z-Machine interpreter, and extract map information and the player's movement through the map while playing interactive fiction. This program generates a beautiful and haunting piece of music based on play of the game Zork.

Jet Set Willy & Computer Security


Interesting article on the relationship between early computer bugs / copy protection & modern day computer system attacks. (Click on Jet Set Willy image)

In April 2012 Leo Kelion also ran an interesting article about the ZX Spectrum's chief designers meeting 30 years on- click here.









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